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Trailer Trash Installation


During the spring of 2011 Cybele was inspired to create a recycled materials textile art installation as a representation of the immersion that all students participate in while exploring creativity, scholarship and collaboration while at the California Institute of the Arts.

             This textile art installation was intentionally created from the requested donations of students, faculty and staff at the CalArts and included over 200 t-shirts, 15 cardboard tubes, 20 yards of recycled twine rope, fabric dyes and paints. In addition to the support and hard-working hands of creative friends.


The project was done in collaboration with Sam Breen (now an actor in Los Angeles) and his former Trailer Trash Project. The installation and trailer was on view at the annual Earth Arbor Day Festival in Santa Clarita, 2011. During the event, the additional recycled t-shirts were used as part of an interactive art project for children, youth and adults.


Find out more about the original event here.

Upcycle Textile Project Designer/Creator : Cybele Moon

Spartan Trailer Director/ Craftsman: Sam Breen

Drafting: Ben Womack

Photography: Masha Tatarinseva, Steve Gunther

Creative Assistants/Instructors: Jessica Ramsey Lawson, Emily Moran

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